About Us

Enhancing everyday family values through Nutrition, Hygiene and Healthcare is at the core of our corporate ethos, driving our business activities with purpose and care.

Building resilience through Innovation.

We believe that every person has the right to a healthy, happy life. We also believe that this leads to more vibrant and resilient communities.

Over the years we introduced several innovations to serve evolving consumer needs. From our flagship LASCO Food Drink and the LaSoy range of plant-based beverages to CURVES Sanitary Napkins and the iCool range of waters, flavoured waters and drinks, we also have our own range of generics under the LASMED brand.

As we look to the future we continue to innovate with our brand portfolio, invest in people and technology capability and accelerate the growth of our business footprint.

Value creation through Sustainable actions.

Founded in September 1988, by the Hon. Lascelles Chin, our Executive Chairman, we have grown organically through a relentless approach to delivering value and excellence through our products and services.

With Sustainability at the heart of our corporate culture, we have a strong track record of investing in programmes that provide tangible results at the intersection of business and community.

Our Growth

Launch of ELOA Aloe Vera drinks into Jamaica.
50% less sugar LASCO Food Drink LASCO Food Drink, introduces a low sugar variant to provide consumers with an option for their individual lifestyle needs. The variant offered in Vanilla flavour has 50% less sugar than the standard products, translating to 11g of sugar per serving - similar to the sugar content of LaSoy Milk Free, which is considered a low sugar product.
Plant and warehouse expansion to improve efficiencies and service delivery. LASCO embarked on a 100,000 square foot warehouse expansion project at its White Marl facility.
LASCO launches iCool beverage line. The water, cranberry and cran-strawberry flavoured water beverages were an instant hit among Jamaican consumers. This was quickly followed by two juice drink flavours - Tangerine and Fruit Punch.
LASCO was named the winner of the AMCHAM Jamaica Award of Excellence for Corporate Social Responsibility - Large Company.
Hon. Lascelles Chin was inducted in the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) Hall of Fame.
LASCO became the first business in Jamaica to have three affiliated companies listed at the same time on the Jamaica Stock Exchange.
Hon. Lascelles Chin was awarded the Most Admired Business Leader at the Inaugural CVM TV People's Award.
Lascelles Chin was recognized for his important contributions to the treatment and care of persons with HIV/AIDS by the Ministry of Health. LASCO sponsors the Jamaica Chess Championships.
LASCO's new US$4 million distribution centre at White Marl opens for business. LASCO Pharmaceutical Division launched the LASMED line of pharmaceutical products. LASCO made antiviral drugs to treat HIV patients available at prices up to 80% less than other brands.
LASCO began the millenium with the Jamaica Constabulary, Police Officer of the Year Competition and brought to market 10 new products integral to a wholesome daily diet.
LASCO acquired land and buildings at White Marl, St. Catherine & started major refurbishing: sponsorship of the Nurses Association of Jamaica's Nurse of the Year Competition began: LASCO adopted the Collins Close Basic School in Kingston.
LASCO establishes the Teacher of Year Program with the Ministry of Education & introduced LaSoy Milk Free for lactose-intolerant persons, and Diet LASCO Food Drink.
LASCO Food Drink was launched with Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry Flavours.
LASCO brings distribution of pharmaceutical, hair care, adhesive and consumer products to Eastern Caribbean countries.
LASCO Distributors Ltd. began operations at 65 3/4 Half Way Tree Rd, and also launched LASCO Distributors Ltd. Pharmaceutical Division.

Our Vision

To become a global corporate leader, through innovation and entrepreneurship. Driven by passion for excellence and compassion for our fellow man, we will make LASCO a world name, synonymous with integrity, value and service.

Our Mission

To provide quality products and services to our customers, ensure profitability and promote employee development.
Being the best … Always.

Our Partners

In addition to marketing and distributing our own LASCO consumer products portfolio, including LASCO FOOD DRINK, LaSoy, iCOOL Beverages, CURVES and JACK and JILL, we have developed a strategic partnership with Unilever, distributing their home and personal care portfolio, with brands such as Breeze, CIF, Dove, St. Ives, and AXE.

Another core partner is Salada, with their brands of high quality Jamaican coffees; Jamaica Mountain Peak and Mountain Bliss 876, as well as their range of teas.

We also partner with Eloa, a French-owned Aloe Vera beverage brand and Indus Life Sciences of India for the Munchees range.

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